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"9 New clients per week, we are thrilled with our new online profit-making machine!"
California auto service

We help car mechanics grow profit online and have more returning customers with our unique website strategy framework.

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We focus on your business needs to help you increase your revenue by attracting high-value clients and turn them into returning customers. Our unique framework was put together by highly skilled people who closely work with customers to specify what they need and find a solution to their problems.

Not enough Client?

Your site will attract more clients online and transform them into paying customers.

Clients are canceling or not showing up?

Our fully automated solution will book your customer and sending reminders; therefore, the Client will not forget the appointment.

The Client is not returning for the regular vehicle check?

Our system reminds your customers automatically when they need to book their regular vehicle check-up.

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Our clients say

"We have gathered the customer acquisition solutions with which we have gained more than 1,000 customers over the year with our companies. Any enterprise can easily apply these solutions."

"One of our favourite projects was creating our online customer acquisition strategy and car part WebShop combined with a website. It is an excellent example of how much quality a well-thought-out strategy, working closely with an enthusiastic entrepreneur. In this project, we first developed a strategy and based it on online tools."

"The Creative Booster Group team has been helping to develop our brand since the company was founded. Since the beginning, we have been working together with Andrea. The Creative Booster group's Marketing team created the website, the marketing strategy and the brand. We support it in communication, campaigns, and appearances weekly, and we also handle social media advertisements."

About the way we work

The way we work

1. Strategy

Our website is an online seller.
No one in the world can effectively sell something if they do not have essential information and do not form the basis of a bulletproof strategy.

Perfect knowledge of the target market
Your target market needs to be clearly defined. It would be an inability to convince an 18-year-old girl and a 65-year-old man with the same message, the same colour scheme, the same offer. We have to choose. Otherwise, we will not suit anyone.

Clients motivation to buy
Everyone wants to resolve their problem or satisfy a desire.
People are rarely searching for a concrete product, but they are looking for a solution. The website has to be built considering this.

The irresistible offer
Thousands of other businesses want the same. You offer a solution that is a service or product and package it into an irresistible form.

Need a positioning
If we look just like the competitors and do the same thing, only the price will decide. We need a positioning that will make us so different that the buyer will not decide based on the price.

Choosing a strategy
Based on the above and after examining some more aspects, we choose a customer acquisition strategy: direct sales, campaigning, sales funnel, brand building, affiliate marketing.

2. structure and wording

Once we have designed the strategy, we know exactly to whom, what and how we want to sell. Then we can create the perfect structure and desire-inspiring, sales-inspiring wording—the most crucial element of a website that can only build together, based on an ideal strategy.

The sales pages on our website are like one professional salesperson. With a structure tested, tested and improved over decades, your chances of buying can increase up to 10 times. Here, every word, every section needs to be in place to create the effect that will make the visitor feel an irresistible desire to buy.

3. design - appearance

The appearance alone will not sell. But it will convince the visitor to stay on the site. First impressions are the most important thing, and from the strategy, we also know what the perfect first impression is for our target group.

The design helps us express the quality of our business, create the most optimal atmosphere for shopping, and support excellent sales texts with ease of consumption.

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