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5 points on how to make the most of Facebook marketing


Facebook has become an important online marketing tool for small businesses, as there is huge potential in creating Facebook advertisements.
Developing advertising strategies on Facebook is easier than you expect, and soon you will see how easy it is!
People go to Facebook to see what their friends and family are up to, or check out the updates in their groups. Facebook ads are placed in the news feed. Your sponsored posts appear among vacation pictures, memes and the puppies or kittens.
You can see here how to create a Facebook ad strategy to use an effective service marketing step by step:


1. Set your goals

In order to set up a successful Facebook ad strategy, you need to answer this question first: what is the purpose of your ads?
Do you want to gain more followers? More visits to your website? More sales? More engagement? No matter what your goal is, there is a Facebook marketing objective for you!


2. Increase the appearance of your ads with images and videos

At first, you need to clarify what you prefer to use for your business marketing: images or video? 
You can use a video especially if you have a more complex product that needs explaining.
However, for your first campaigns consider using images instead, so that you can produce your ad as quickly and as cheaply as possible.
Images: For social media, images do not need to be of very high quality, so they look more like original posts from users and not as advertising. This is great news, as it means that you can use your cell phone to take pics for your ads. 
Most smartphones have built-in cropping and filtering tools, and other image editing tools that can be used for further editing.
Videos: just like an image ad, you do not need the video to be very polished for social media, so you can use a smartphone when you start out. Facebook suggests that 15 seconds are the ideal length for a video ad. You can also find plenty of editing apps for videos.



3. How to attract the viewer: headline and primary text

Apart from images and videos, headlines have the most impact on your business marketing performance. However, they need to be kept brief and get straight to the point.
For example, “Online service marketing for small business – free tips”, or “Join the Business made simple for you  platform along with 20000+ members with a free trial for 3 weeks!”
The primary text can be short or long, but there are limitations on inserting it. Some of the non-newsfeed placement of the text is maximized. On mobile newsfeed, only the first three lines are visible before the ‘See more’ option has to be clicked on to see the full text.


4. Clear call to action 

A clear call to action pushes the viewer to click on your ad immediately. This call to action should be strong and clear. Examples: ‘Subscribe’, ‘Book now’, Check out offer’ or ‘available 30% off now’ to give a sense of urgency to the audience. A strong offer is a sure shot for attracting the viewer. 
In the case of “cold” audiences, that are not familiar with your brand, your message can be a bit more gentle, like ‘Learn more’, ‘See menu’ or Sign up’.


5. The description 

The description refers to the remaining text, which is not included in the primary text or headline. 
Here you can describe your product or service in detail but keep it short, crisp and to the point. 

Try to touch the point where the audience connects the most: the emotional one.

I hope this article serves you well, and you find these tips helpful in your online marketing. If yes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and you are going to hear from us soon! 

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