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5 effective ways to promote your service online

Your service is special: Learn how to sell effectively!

Many times, a starter service provider thinks that selling a product is easier because they just put in a picture of the product and they already have the post. But that's not the case.
Providers are often mistaken for constantly posting quotes on social media because they are being followed. But at one point, it gets boring. Many businesses hope to make their site more famous. There are times when they succeed, and sometimes when they do not. 
If you will follow the below steps, you will see a huge difference in your selling and popularity: 


1. Purpose

You need a quick introduction, a few words that explain why you will want to read on. Many people just share that this is a new blog post and nothing more. However, a lot more people will be curious if you add, "This is my new blog post, it will be useful to those who ..." or "If this and this is your problem, be sure to read this post".
It's a good idea to write a long blog post, but more people will read it if the beginning is exceptionally good. First, you need to state who you are, what you are helping, what you are answering.


2. Induction

What statistics can you post? Current professional interests. Or you can ask some questions to your readers and then summarize them as statistics. 
It may also be related to your topic. You just need to look for good material and you can do an analysis of the results. This can be interesting to your readers.
If you have a lot to say about it, don't write it on Facebook, but in a blog post. One day, you can put up a brief, snapshot or stats, and tell: Tomorrow I'll share a detailed blog post in which I analyze what that data means exactly. And the next day you just share the link of the blog post. 


3. Questioning

If you ask a question you will get a lot of comments. So, what would be The Question? First, the question needs to be an easy one to get answers. For example, if you are a beautician, you can ask: what is your skin type, where do you care for your skin, where do you usually buy your makeup, which is your favourite cosmetic brand? 
This can also be done in mini test form, eg. How often do you go for your cosmetic treatment? A) bi-weekly, B) monthly, C) bi-monthly etc., so it is possible for someone to just type in A, B or C, but you can also give a free answer. And you can do it by putting the answers on a picture, or it can be just text. And don’t forget to have an "Other" answer, so your readers can describe their answers where none of the options is true for them. 


4. Clarifying

There are misconceptions in every area. If we just check diet, bio, natural and organic products we can realize there are a lot of misunderstandings in these areas that many do not dare to talk about to avoid any conflict. 
Feel free to write down these misconceptions in a post, your followers will be read and shared by many. Especially those who agree, but expect many topics of discussion. The debate, on the other hand, is again an activity. And those who are really interested will feel belonging even more to the community because they agree with what you have written.


5. Professional curiosities

Everyone wants to be an expert in the area. So if you share little things about your profession, it will attract more people. For example, if you are a relationship coach post materials like what causes conflict between couples, typically when they divorce, and what is the main reason for divorce. This can be interesting for your readers.
And another: If you’re a workplace coach, post material that many people change jobs because they didn’t get out with the boss. More people change because of the boss than because of the salary. Find professional little things that can be interesting for everyone.
Old curiosities can also be used in all professions, followers are usually interested. "Did you know that motivational counsellors already existed in the 13th century?" And it can make other post materials build on each other e.g. what is the evolution ever since the first counsellors?

If you need blog post material from our professionals don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to get in touch with you. 
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