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Special Edition: COVID-19 Policy
We hope that you, your families and your friends are all staying healthy and safe.  Our ways of life and work have been influenced by Novel Coronavirus. 
So, it isn’t surprising that how we feel the urge to support all service providers. How? By offering an easy way to keep everyone updated about the status of their services in these unprecedented times. 
You just must write below that how COVID-19 affected your business and what is the status of it in the current situation. 
Examples: You do not continue providing your services until further notification. / You decided to close your shop until the end of April but your online store is available with free shipping. / You keep the customer service closed indefinitely. For other administration please use our website or contact us at our other contact details… etc.
Once you describe your situation, we quickly prepare your personalised COVID-19 policy. This policy will pop-ups on your website and visitors will be informed about all the details you want to share with them in this health-care situation. 
We believe that this offer can support all service provider businesses.  
One more thing: Please be sure to make your health and taking care of your loved ones your priorities.   

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Keep healthy and stay safe,
The Creative Booster Team Group