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What do you mean by CMS?

CMS is an interface used in content management system, which can manage a website. It allows you to control and make changes to the content on your website without any technical skills necessary. Terms used in web development and web design.

What do they mean by Meta Tag?

Meta tags or elements help define the contents of a web page that gives perspective to search engines about site content. This is a very important part of SEO. The meta tag is placed in the head section of your website code. Read more:

What does backlink mean?

Backlinks help your website get a higher ranking on search engines.
This names backlinks linked from other websites back to your own website.
Example: someone includes your website link in their blog post.

What is CTA?

It is a term used in web development and design.
CTA = Call to Action, is a button, text or an image that persuades your visitors to act.
 For example, “to contact you” or “sign up for your newsletter”.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce means the selling of goods online via the internet.
There are shops, who have a physical store, and beside that they use E-commerce to sell their products online. And there are also many businesses, which do not maintain a physical space which can be visited by customers, they are available only through their online store. 
In addition, there are stores that operate in a different country and use e-commerce. These stores have a permit to have an online access for selling their products and services.

For example, the biggest E-commerce marketplaces are E-bay and Amazon.

What do they mean by domain (domain name)?

Domain – domain name is the name used for the identification of a website
Most countries have their own markings:
United Kingdom -  “”
Germany - “.de”
These markings help to identify the company for the users and the customers, and the companies also can easily identify their target market.

For example: a company with a “” domain usually only operates in that country. There are also “.com” domains. This usually means that the company trades internationally (commercial).

What do they mean by responsive website – design?

If a website is responsive, it means that its pages fit the size of the screen for all devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, I-pads and phones.

What is Site Map?

The site map is a hierarchical view of websites. It usually helps search engines to crawl your site faster and getting indexed sooner.

What is Bounce Rate mean?

Bounce rate means a percentage of people, who visit your web site and leave from the same page they entered the site, without clicking on any other pages. A term used in web development and design.

What do you mean by URL?

It is the address of a website. URLs make web sites searchable on the internet.

What do you mean by Landing page?

A landing page is most often used when you want to focus on something special. A landing page focuses on an item, which can be a product, service or something that you provide to your customers.
For example, when we work on a marketing campaign, most of the time we are not advertising on the company's website, where is a lot of other information that could distract from the goal of the campaign. In this case, your target customers would go to a landing page that focuses on the campaign. We also develop landing pages, check our services at or

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What is Front-end?

Front-end is the part of the web site, which all users can see, opposite the back-end. This is also a term used in web development and design.

What is 404 error?

404 error is a general indication to visitors that a page is unavailable, because its content has been deleted or never existed. If you move a page under another location, it is very important to use 301 HTTP redirect (see above) to make sure customers, who bookmarked your page still will be able to found your page and Google will automatically transfer your SEO rank to your new page.

What does Back-end mean?

The back-end of a web site is not visible for visitors, they can only see the front-end. Usually, it consists of three parts: a server, applications and a database. A term used in web development and design.

What do they mean by UX design?

Both the elements of UI and UX are crucial to a product and they need to work closely together. But originally,  UX and UI design are two different elements. UI design refers to the term User Interface Design, which focuses on the look and layout, while UX stands for User Experience Design, which focuses on how something operates and how people interact with it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means connecting with your audience via online digital channels by the use of marketing tactics such as social media, mobile applications and email. It consists of advertising delivered through these channels. Digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or assets.

What do they mean by UI design?

UI means User Interface. It focuses on the look and layout.

What do they mean by 301 redirect?

If the domain name or URL of the content has been changed, we need to redirect visitors to the new site and we can tell the search engine that this address has changed permanently. In this case the search engine will transfer the SEO value from the previous page.
For example, if we have two domains with different endings one "" and the other ".com" we do not upload the same content twice, but who searches for “” will be automatically redirected you to the “.com” website.
There is also another very important technique, in case you do not want your users to redirect to another page. The two identical contents can cause indexing issues and you have to refer the original “canonical” version in your HTML header like “<link rel="canonical" href="" />”

What do you mean SEO?

SEO means search engine optimisation. Read more on why it is important in business: