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How to position your business?


What do you want to CHANGE with your business?

Every market has difficulties, challenges, misconceptions, misunderstandings that need to be changed. At our conference, the founder of Bio Hair Network told me the followings: Before they opened the first hairdresser salon, they started to collect what customers would expect from a hairdresser and what they would hate. And their success began.
Just think about

 What customers are expecting from your industry?

What would be the ideal solution to solve all their problems?

What can't they stand for right now?

How can you change that?

For example, if one of your biggest problems is that your customers don't make a profit when they make a purchase, then you can put together a program that encourages them to complete it (such as a mentor program or a newsletter series) where they can get stuck (eg. the diet you will be able to follow).

Okay, you got your positioning!


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But where and how do you communicate your positioning?


1. Write about it on the "about us" page of your website.

2. Send out a newsletter, write a Facebook post describing your company story.

3. Behind your slogan, there is always a concept. Put the slogan on your homepage and profile page, or even on your Instagram contact and your Facebook header.

4. You can also put your most important values ​​in a shortcut to your Facebook page.

5. You can always be in the headline of your website, your Facebook page and at the end of your newsletter.

6. If you have a marketing email, you can also write in your first newsletter after signing up how you can help, in what topic and to whom.

7. Create an introduction post on your Facebook page describing how you can help newcomers to the site and how.

Attach the post to the top of the page so it's always visible.

8. Define your business value system in 10 points.

What do you believe in? How do you help someone approach you? You can post this either in your blog post or as part of your content marketing strategy, so at least 1 post each week is about the value it contains.

9. Write about your ideal customer.

You can tell in a blog post, newsletter or Facebook post who you can help with the attitude you need.

10. Show how do you work.

In photos, videos, or even in a comic strip made of photos. This way you can see what you are talking about, what is the difference, for example, the way of your working, or the difference between your products vs. your competitors.

11. Leave a comment.

When you reply to someone for moderating posts, you can mention why this is happening (e.g. "This site is not about attacking others. We want to help those who are struggling with a problem, so we can talk to each other in a good way.”)


The Creative Booster Group can help you to write: our writers, B2B online marketing and SEO specialists are available to help your company to achieve its goals.


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