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landing page development



A landing page is a page on your website which is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. In the landing page, you can offer a resource from your business in exchange for a visitor's contact information. 
This page is where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email or any visited places from the web. 
A good landing page is focused on a stream of traffic because the landing page is targeting only those people who are interested in your product. For example, if your offer is an eBook then it should contain exclusive information on a topic that your audience cares about. 
This focus makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and lowering your costs of sales. 

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The promotional or product-specific landing pages are focused on a single goal which is the intent of the ad or email visitors clicked on to reach your page. It doesn’t distract them with other information, visitors only see what they are looking for. Landing pages have one main purpose: to generate leads for your business.
Let’s check some ways using a landing page to start a relationship with your future customers:
    1. Community membership
    2. Email newsletter subscription
    3. Online course enrollment
    4. Event registration
    5. eBook
    6. Free trial of a product
    7. App download



Here are some important elements that can make sure that your landing page works well for you:
    • Align the landing page with your main goal and message.
    • Use a spectacular template but keep your forms simple.
    • Show your product or service in action (with available zoom option or video).
    • Introduce your pictures to Google for a bigger chance to be selected.
    • Create a wish list for the saved items for further view.
    • Show the shipping costs so that customers see the total amount they pay.
    • Contrast your CTA (Call-to-Action) bottom for more visibility.
    • Remove navigation or links to avoid any distraction.
    • Have a social login option to make everything easy.
    • Include authentic social proof in a trusted brand.
    • Test and update your landing pages for each campaign.


There is no standard way of creating a good landing page. However, there are some common characteristics that you should keep in mind. These are based on the science of psychology, as well as on a good intuition of what your customers want. By reviewing them you can create your own compelling landing page.
Here you can find the essential components of an effective landing page:
    1. The main headline and a supporting headline for grabbing attention. 
    2. Unique selling propositions to differentiate your product.
    3. The benefits of your offers to describe all details.
    4. Images or video showing the context of the usage.
    5. Social evidence with testimonials. 
    6. Reinforcement statements to justify the headline.
    7. A closing argument as your last opportunity to communicate about the benefits. 
    8. A compelling, exciting and persuasive Call-to-Action.

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