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What you need to know about online shopping: 

7 Pros and Cons

Since when the internet exist, the online shopping gained more ground increasing the number of consumers choosing buy online rather than in-store.  This was revolutionized the way we shop. 


What are some reasons that many people love online shopping and why is it so popular?

Let’s see the PROs :

    1. Absolutely convenience

Are you able to shop from your bed in whatever clothes you wear!

The online store is available for 24/7 so you can shop anytime you want.

 Downloadable items purchased online eliminate the need for any kind of physical material at all, as well, which helps the environment!

    2. Products are cheaper

Better deals and cheaper prices are available online because products come to you direct from the seller. You can save fuel and parking as well, so you have saved yourself a lot of money!

    3. More variety 

You can find almost any brand or item you're looking for. You can shop from retailers no matter where you are located. You have a better chance to find your size and colour. Some online shops even accept orders for out-of-stock items and ship when they are available again.

    4. No crowds

When you are shopping online, you would never have to deal with the frustration in crowded stores. There are no lines to wait in or cashiers and you can do your shopping in minutes. Therefore, shopping can become a smoother experience to you.

    5. Gifting is easier 

You can shop for presents without children knowing what you are getting them, even from the same room. Also, you are able to send gifts to relatives and friends, no matter where they are. All the packaging and shipping is done for you. Even they are take care of the wrapping!  

    6. Controlled shopping

What does that mean? Many times we end up buying items that we didn’t want when we started to shop (but we can't find anything better in the store). Online you don't have to let the store dictate what you buy, and you can get exactly what you want and need.    


    7. Discreet purchases are easier


Some items are better to shop in the privacy of your home. Online shops are the best for discreet purchases, for things like adult toys, sexy lingerie, and so on. At your home, you can check those products without any embarrassment or difficulties that there are people watching or judging you.


These are the most essential benefits of online shopping.

However it is very clear as there are two sides to the coin, online stores have their own disadvantages.

Let’s check them as well! 


    1. You don't know exactly what you're getting 

Until it arrived. Sizes are often imprecise. You can't determine texture, fabric, fit, cut, quality or durability just by looking at a photo. Products that looked great might feel awkward or cheap when you hold them in your hands.

    2. Shipping problems and delays
There is no way to ensure that you'll get your purchase in time unless you pick it up from a store. Items get lost, detoured, damaged or delivered to the wrong address more often than you can imagine.

    3. Risk of fraud 
If you're shopping online, there's a larger risk of fraud: credit card scams, phishing, hacking, identity theft, counterfeit products, bogus websites, and other scams are common.


    4. Negative environmental impact of packaging 

Having your purchase packed in several layers of plastic and delivered right to your front door is very comfortable but not so great for the environment. Even if you try to recycle the cardboard, you're creating unnecessary waste by shopping online.

    5. Less human contact 

If you do all your business online, you'll never have to leave your home. This can be great for a while but sometimes maybe you want to go outside, breathe some fresh air, get a change of scenery, talk to real people, participate in your community, and just be a part of the crowd. A computer can't compete with a real human connection.

    6. No sales assistance 

In a store, there's usually someone to help you but online, you're on your own. If you're confused or have questions the page just cannot reply to them. You might have mistakes on your blind purchases and you'll regret later because there was no one to talk to.

    7. Returns can be complicated. 

Some shops make the return process easy (in the package already prepared everything for the return), but many of them make it extra hard to return their merchandise or get a refund. Oftentimes you can't get reimbursed for any shipping costs. Labelling, packaging, shipping, tracking, and filling out all the proper forms all are unnecessary difficulties which you can avoid if you buy in person (and if you hand-select your merchandise, you won't need to return things so often).


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