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Today let’s check some small businesses where we could provide solutions with our B2B services.

My dearest hairstylist 
Kate is a hairdresser, who has been very skilled professional over 20 years and I called her to make a new hairstyle for me. When I just arrived, it came out that she had forgotten to write me in her booklet, so she asked me to come back in 1 hour as she has overbooking :(

I went back an hour later and while she was busy with my hair she had to stop 2 times because other clients called her. It was really inconvenient because she couldn't concentrate on the work, and it took a while to make registrations for them. Everything was slower than it used to.

I was sitting there with a semi-finished hairstyle and I felt on my own skin the urge to get some help as a RESERVATION SYSTEM for her. Instead of having to check the dates with the clients, they can automatically do it online if there is a system which makes it available. The 5-10 minutes she spent in a call it could be spending on the work.  
In the calls, the customer just needs to give the name of your online booking agent and she will have the choice to pick up the phone and announce their web access or asking them to write what they want, using the online booking system. 

This will make your job more efficient, make you and your clients more satisfied with the service because even the best hairdressers could lose clients if a similar incident happens to them. 
With Creative Booster Group’s B2B services you can modernize your business as our goal is TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH YOU



 “I am very happy that you showed me this digital administration opportunity at Creative Booster Group! Since I have the online booking system, I have been able to work much more efficiently. My clients and I are really satisfied with that, so they started to use the system in their area as well… I have lawyer, consultant and training clients, so I made an extra income as a Creative Booster Group affiliate member :)”

Starting a Beauty Nail Salon 

Young nail technician girl who has just started her business.
She turned to us because despite her contacts have already heard about the business it did not start yet actually. She was promoting the Salon several times on Facebook, but that was not enough. When she heard about the Creative Booster Group B2B services she contacted us to boost up the business. A few days after she was very satisfied as her booking system was filled with appointments and she became very successful. At Creative Booster Group she was the first to start the business with online marketing tools, SEO, online marketing, booking system personalized. 

Testimonial Bella Rose Beauty Salon: “Since I've been working with Creative Booster Group I could realize that this is the best online marketing consulting and booking system. Using the tools, which I've learned only in the last few months while the numbers of my clients has tripled!!! Thank you, Creative Booster Team, for helping me to reach my goal and have a successful start-up!”



Gas Installation Company

We've been contacted by a well-functioning gas installer company and their problem was started in the heating season. The company had so much extra work in those times, so they had to decline several customers as many of them wanted the maintenance service on the same day or even at the last minute.  We could help them to serve more customers and increase their customer base with a reservation system and online marketing.

Testimonial Tom Spike: “Creative Booster Group has solved our long-standing problem and now we are able to effectively serve more customers. With a little online marketing and their booking system, we could multiply our clients and we have more returning clients.”



A lawyer with a huge client base. On one occasion the assistant was unable to go to work due to an accident, so he tried to adjust the combination of the Google calendar, excel table and booklet. Unfortunately, without the assistant, he was late for an important meeting which caused him serious trouble. So he began to look for a solution after that. Even if the assistant is not available, there should be a system which can serve him to organize his daily work and discussions. And then he found us at BMS4U using our booking system, and he has not missed a meeting anymore.

Testimonial Dr Smith: “Ever since I use the BMS4U booking system to manage daily task appointments, even if my assistant may not available, I can manage and modify my tasks online and my assistant will see a change immediately. I am so grateful for this opportunity, which has made office administration much easier than I ever imagined.”

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