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Why you should not advertise your product?

Instead, if you want good results, use this:

You finally advertise on Facebook. You set up your target audience, wrote some cool text, uploaded some pictures, and there you are: it’s just started! You are enthusiastically sitting in front of the machine and waiting for your customers. But they don't come.

What's the problem?

Maybe they don't see the ad enough? You take a quick look at the analytics and see that it has 4,285 impressions. Maybe they aren't clicking on your ad? You look at it and you see that it had over 170 clicks.
170 people already has seen the site and they didn't buy anything?! But how come?!

Of course, there are a few other possible reasons for thinking right away. The product might be too expensive. Or the offer is not good. Or the landing page is not compelling enough. But none of those make sense. You are confused.
But the problem is not really with your ad, but with something quite different.
The problem is: You should not advertise your product
Whaaaaaaaaat? Do not advertise my product? But then how will I sell it?
Okay, let's start over then.

If you've never advertised before, you'll advertise first to a cold audience. People who don't know your business, they either know your brand. If your offer is good, they might click and buy it, but the return on your ad and the profit will be minimal.

So, first, you want them to get to know you. But how?


1. Promote your page 

This type of ad is good for someone who relies primarily on Facebook to get leads and post a lot of content. For example, if you are selling handicrafts, home decor or fashion items, you may have an online store and deal with mass merchandise (perfumes, clothes, stationery, etc.). Then you can keep your new followers giving likes to the pictures of your products, making new offers and get more new leads and customers based on your posts.


2. Promote a post

If you are engaged in service, education or consulting the fastest way to build your reputation is by posting articles and new blog posts. In this way, your useful content will help your customers get to know your name and give them value.

You can do this by posting your new blog post on your Facebook page and posting it. Be sure to make a minimum 850 x 480 pixel image for your blog post that expresses what your article is about, arouses curiosity, but not too much text (if more than 20% of the text in the image, the Facebook ad will reach fewer people). You can check the text coverage on this page).

Writing the post include an eye-catching text on your blog that will tell you:
• who are you posting for,
• in what topic the blog post helps.

Avoid advertising your post with the "Highlight Post" button, since you have far less opportunity to fine-tune your target audience. Instead of, create a new ad in Ad Manager to highlight the post, and if you already have an interested person on your page, you can offer her to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Facebook or buy a product.


How do you convert the followers into buyers?

1.    Filter out who may be interested through your next offer! (Post-ad)
2.    Encourage them to be curious and stay engaged (with retargeting ads)
3.    And then (and only then) start to advertise your offer.


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